Monday, 14 November 2011

Time-Lapse Script

Starting to develop a script for the camera:

@title Phooka Time Lapse
@param i Interval (seconds)
@default i 15
@param n Counter

rem lots of unanswered questions
rem shooting sequence
rem focus
rem exposure
rem exposure bracketing
rem zoom
rem stopping the camera turn off
rem etc

rem other camera settings

sleep 1000

print "Phooka wait_click ..."

print "Adjusting camera ..."
set_iso 0
rem set_prop p v
rem etc

rem zoom out fully??
set_zoom 0
click "shoot_half"

rem focus on infinity??
set_focus 999999999??

sleep 5000

print "Shot: ", n;
sleep i*1000
goto "shot"


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