Monday, 14 November 2011

Time-Lapse Script

Starting to develop a script for the camera:

@title Phooka Time Lapse
@param i Interval (seconds)
@default i 15
@param n Counter

rem lots of unanswered questions
rem shooting sequence
rem focus
rem exposure
rem exposure bracketing
rem zoom
rem stopping the camera turn off
rem etc

rem other camera settings

sleep 1000

print "Phooka wait_click ..."

print "Adjusting camera ..."
set_iso 0
rem set_prop p v
rem etc

rem zoom out fully??
set_zoom 0
click "shoot_half"

rem focus on infinity??
set_focus 999999999??

sleep 5000

print "Shot: ", n;
sleep i*1000
goto "shot"


Camera firmware versions and CHDK settings

Canon A560 GM1.00A - hack ok
Canon A570-IS GM1.00E - later

Now I have a ton of new menu parameters to learn about.  The kind of stuff I need to work out includes:

- How to write the time-lapse script? UBASIC? or Lua?
- Any recommendations for settings for exposure controls, or just let the camera do its thing?
- Should I do exposure bracketing for each time lapse?
- Is RAW capture recommended?
- What is RAW buffer caching and do I need it?
- What about focusing? Can this be preset to infinity anywhere? I cannot find such a setting.
- What about zooming?
- Is there any need for a setting to keep the camera on, and lens out, or will this happen if it is taking photographs?
- Is there anything critical to put in the time-lapse script, other to shoot?
- How about preventing any desire to fire flash?
- Anything else I should know?

I suspect there is more to this CHDK stuff than I realize.